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Marys Peak CO2 Observation Site


Coordinates: 44.5043N, 123.5525W
Elevation: 1249 masl
Intake Height: 10 meters above ground
Gases Measured: CO2, CO, H

Meteorological instrumentation:
[m a.g.l.]
Vaisala HMP 155 Air Temperature, Relative humidity
Taylor Scientific WS-3 Wind speed
Taylor Scientific WD-3 Wind direction


The Mary's Peak site was established in 2006. It is located on top of Mary's Peak, the highest mountain in the Oregon coast range. The sampling inlet is 10 m up on the tower, and gas analysis is performed with a Picarro G2302 Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer. The tower is also equipped with a set of meteorological instruments, including a radiation sensor and a heated anemometer with vane specifically developed for the harsh mountain conditions in winter. Due to its exposed position the tower measures background CO2 values of incoming air from the Pacific during stable conditions with westerly wind directions.

The mixing ratio data measured at this this site is available for download at the NOAA ESRL Observation Package (ObsPack) Data Products webpage.

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