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Metolius New Young Pine AmeriFlux Site (US-Me6)

Coordinates: 44.322842N, 121.604678W
Elevation: 998 masl
Intake Heights: 0.1, 1, 5, 14, and 18 meters above ground
Gases Measured: CO2

The Metolius New Young Pine site was established in 2010. It is located in a ponderosa pine stand planted in 1992, on the east side of the Oregon Cascade mountains near the town of Sisters. The tower is 18.6 m tall and equipped with a full complement of eddy covariance instrumentation on the vertical profile. The site is also equipped with a horizontal array of instrumentation collecting data on temperature, soil respiration, sapflow, and tree growth, and contributes data to the CO2 concentration project. The site is powered entirely by solar panels.

To view site details and instrumentation specifications on the AmeriFlux website, click here (links to external page).

Realtime data

Cellular modems are used to provide remote connection to the site. Loggers are polled regularly and data files are updated once per hour. The provided data has been downsampled to minimize file size. Data has not been quality checked and periodic outages may occur.

YP towertop logger (opens new tab)

YP soil logger (opens new tab)

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