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Andres Schmidt

Assistant Professor
Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Richardson Hall, Room 340

Phone: 541-737-6175
Fax: 541-737-1393
E-mail: Andres.Schmidt<at>oregonstate.edu


Dr.rer.nat., March 2009. Department of Landscape Ecology and Climatology, University of Muenster, Germany. Thesis Title: Turbulent atmospheric exchange of greenhouse gases and aerosol particles above the urban area of Muenster, Germany.

B.Sc. (Physics), April, 2006, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bochum, Germany. Thesis Title: Spectral analytical derivation of hydraulic parameters for geothermal energy applications.

Diploma (M.Sc.) in Geography, December 2002. Department of Geography, University of Bochum, Germany. Thesis Title: Intercomparison of mesoscale atmospheric flow models.

Research Interests:

Climatology, Atmospheric Science, Micrometeorology, Statistics, Eddy Covariance, Landscape Ecology, Measurement and Control Technology, GIS, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Climate Modeling, Carbon Cycle Modeling, Renewable Energy...

As an environmental scientist with a background in physical geography and physics my research focuses on the atmospheric exchange of carbon, water, and energy of ecosystems. A major dimension of this work is to understand how these exchanges respond to disturbances such as droughts, fires, and anthropogenic interventions and, most importantly, a changing climate. I apply models to explore atmospheric dynamics and carbon cycle processes. The models include the Weather Research and Forecast model (WRF), various Lagrangian transport models, the Community land model (CLM) as well as neural network models.







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