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Former Graduate Students

Many graduate students have worked under Dr. Law on their M.S. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation projects with the Terra-PNW Research Group. Below are some of the students who have gained their post-graduate degrees working and studying with us:

Giorgio Alberti, Ph.D., 2005

Giorgio studied with us for a year as a visiting scholar from Udine University, and is now a research scientist there..

John Campbell, Ph.D., 2000-2003

John is now a Faculty Research Associate at Oregon State University.

Dan Donato, Ph.D., 2003-2008

Dan performed his Ph.D. research on post-fire recovery at the Biscuit Fire in southwest Oregon, and is now a postdoctoral research ecologist at the Pacific Southwest Research Station in Hilo, Hawaii.

Tara Hudiburg, Ph.D., 2005–2012

Tara modeled a variety of biofuels options and the effects of these possible scenarios on the carbon budget of Pacific Northwest forests.

Theresa Johnson, M.S., 2002–2005

Theresa studied the effects of water and shade treatments on photosynthesis and root-rhizosphere respiration in young ponderosa pine.

Maureen McGlinchy, M.S., 2007–2011

Maureen modeled possible future climate scenarios for northern California and western Nevada.

Garrett Meigs, M.S., 2006–2010

Garrett studied the effects of forest fires on soil chemistry, and is now a faculty research associate at Oregon State University.

Angelo Nolé, Ph.D., 2004-2005

Angelo studied with us for a year as a visiting scholar from Universia degli Studi della Basilicata.

Brendan Rogers, M.S., 2007-2009

Brendan is continuing his studies of biogeochemical cycling at UC Irvine.

Steve Van Tuyl, M.S., 2001–2003

Steve is now a biologist at the Forest Service Northern Research Station in Pennsylvania.

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