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Warren Cohen

Warren Cohen

Research Forester and Director
Laboratory for Application of Remote Sensing in Ecology
USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
Courtesy Faculty
Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University
Phone: 541-750-7322
E-mail: warren.cohen@oregonstate.edu
Website: http://www.fsl.orst.edu/larse/



B.S. 1978, Northern Arizona University
M.S. 1984, University of Maine
Ph.D. 1989, Colorado State University

Research Interests:

  • Translation of remote sensing data into useful ecological information
  • Analysis and modeling of vegetation structure and composition across multiple biome types
  • Spatially-explicit modeling of ecological processes with significant attention to scaling from fine to coarse grain
  • Interpretations and applications of lidar data for characterizations of forest structure


Terrestrial Ecosystems Research & Regional Analysis - Pacific Northwest
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331
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