Marys River Fir Site (US-MRi) Data Archive

Click on the year of interest below to download an Excel spreadsheet of meteorological data. The spreadsheet provides 30 minute average values for the entire year.

Data available includes wind speed (M/sec), wind direction (degrees), air temperature (°C, measured by HMP45), relative humidity, photoactive radiation (u mols/M2), diffuse radiation, total radiation, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure (kPa), shortwave radiation downwell, shortwave radiation upwell, longwave radiation downwell, longwave radiation upwell, net radiation, air temperature (°C, measured by CNR1), albedo, infrared radiation downwell, infrared radiation upwell, and precipitation (mm).

The data were collected above the canopy at the towertop level of 38 meters. Null data resulting from technical issues with the instrumentation are represented by "NaN".

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