Agricultural Grass Flux Site (US-Wgr)

Close-up of the eddy covariance and meteorological equipment
Latitude: 45.1089
Longitude: -122.666
52 masl

The site was established in summer 2014 and is part of a eddy covariance flux tower network funded by DOE and USDA. The Willamette Grass site is also part of the AmeriFlux network (US-Wgr).  Meteorological variables such as temperature, humidity, solar irradiance and wind are measured at this site. Turbulent fluxes of water vapor, carbon dioxide and heat are observed and stored as 30 minute averages. At this site the crop changes periodically and rye grass and fescue is grown alternately at this site located in Oregon's Willamette Valley with its relatively mild climate. The grass site is also part of the PhenoCam network operated by Harvard University.

Site removed: September 2016

Meteorological instrumentation:
Sensor Variables Height [m a.g.l.]
PT 100 probe Air temperature 2.0
DELTA-T BF5 Incoming and diffuse PAR 2.5
Kipp & Zonen CNR1 SWin, SWout, LWin, LWout 2.5
Campbell CSAT3 3D wind and sonic temperature 2.5
LIcor LI 7500 CO2, Water vapor 2.5
Vaisala PTB101b Ambient air pressure ground level