Walton CO2 Observation Site

Walton tower
Latitude: 44.0664
Longitude: -123.629
715 masl
Intake Heights: 
30, 50, and 72 meters above ground
Gases Measured: 

CO2, CO, H2O


The Walton tower is located in the center of the Oregon Coast range, about 44 km west of Eugene, OR and about 4 km northeast of the small town of Walton, OR. The tower is located on a hilltop, with no significant sources of anthropogenic emissions in the near field footprint. The mixing ratio time series captured at the Walton tower show significant effects of CO2 release and uptake by the surrounding Douglas-fir forest, and are intended to provide information on the effect of climate variability on the very active mesic forest ecosystems along the West Coast. Observations at the Walton site were started in February 2012. The tower is equipped with a PICARRO 2302 measuring CO2/CO/H2O rotating through a vertical profile of 3 inlet heights.

Site removed: May 2017

Meteorological instrumentation:
Sensor Variables Height [m a.g.l.]
Vaisala HMP 155A Air Temperature, Relative Humidity 50
RM Young Wind Monitor
Model 05103L
Wind speed, Wind direction 50
Kipp & Zonen PQS 1 Incoming PAR 50
Campbell CSAT3 3D wind and sonic temperature 30
Setra Model 278 Air pressure ground level